When I was younger I was carefree, I didn’t give much thought to the surrounding world. I lived more day-to-day, without much planning. I then met the girl of my dreams, who luckily for me became my wife. As our relationship progressed my eyes slowly began to open to the world around us. Each day my desire to be up to date on current events, politics, and any other news grew. I wanted to constantly know what was going on because I felt I could place my family in the best possible position to shield us from the continuing decay of most things around us. Slowly the outside world chipped away at me and my glowing outlook on life. Through the constant bombardment of the negative and cynical news coming at me from the television, internet, friends and coworkers I found myself no longer seeing the good in things. Through this blitz I had slowly deteriorated into a cynical person who only focused on the negative. My glass was ALWAYS half empty. The sad thing was that I didn’t realize what I had become. Luckily, I have an amazing wife who kicked me in the behind, knocking some sense into me.

I have so much to be happy about, so many things to be inspired by to help me be the best me. I should not be looking at my glass as half empty or even half full. I want to view my glass as completely full. Why shouldn’t I? I have a phenomenal wife and baby boy, an incredible dog, along with awesome friends and family. I want to spend time enjoying and celebrating the good. After noticing that the majority of the popular news and website media outlets where focused on the negative, had a hidden agenda, or attacked people I wanted to create a place where everyone can go to escape the constant gloom. This is when the concept for onjacksonstreet.com was born. A site built on positive reinforcement, celebration, and smiles. Created by you, for you. I want to create a medium to share it all… good news, birthdays, love & family, inspirational stories and/or causes, positive recognition, or something simple that makes you smile. We all have great stories to share, so share them, and together we can spread happiness and inspiration.