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The Donkey and the Load of Salt (Short Story)

Long ago there lived a merchant. He used to deal in salt. He had a donkey to carry load. He used to sell his salt loaded on the donkey. He had to cross a stream to go to other village.

Once his donkey fell into the stream and much of the salt was dissolved in water. The donkey easily crossed the stream due to the light weight of salt on his back. The donkey was happy.

The donkey on his next trip knowingly fell into the stream. The merchant suspected the animal’s intention. On the other day too the donkey intentionally repeated the same trick. His master was now sure about the animal’s evil intention.

The merchant next day loaded the donkey with a lot of cotton. The donkey once again repeated the same trick. He fell into the stream. This time his load became very heavy.

The donkey carried the heavy load. It was very tiring for him to move on. The donkey now realized his mistake. He stopped falling down into the stream any more. He thought that it was not good to play tricks. The merchant had taught the donkey a good lesson.


You can befool a person a few times but not always.

True Love Dies On Earth, Re-Born In Heaven

Once upon time there was a butterfly, it was self beautified by yellowish golden colour. The Butterfly was very selfish, cruel and stone hearted. It was having habit of sucking the fragrantic sweetness of beautiful flowers and also it is terrific that it was destroying them with no kind concern, daily it was destroying many flowers. Continue reading

Health is Wealth

Once upon a time, there was a king, who was very lazy. He did not like to do anything. He waited for his attendants to serve him every moment. He used to lie on his bed always. A time came when he really became inactive.

Only eating good food and it’s sleeping made him fatty. So fat he became that he could not move around by himself. He felt sick, doctors were called in to treat him. Nothing could help him to become fit and fine. The king was a kind hearted and cordial person. All his subjects were sorry to learn about the fact that their king was not well. Continue reading

Don’t Save the Drowning Man


By some means or another, Aphrodite had managed to lose favor with Demeter and had, as a result, lost her Goddess powers and been rendered as helpless as a mere human.  She was desperate to win back her powers and approached Demeter, asking how she might seek to atone for her misdeeds.  Demeter arched one eyebrow and considered the request, knowing that she had a difficult task she needed performed and thought perhaps they might strike a deal. 

“Fine,” Demeter said.  “I have a deal for you.  In this box,” she pulled out an ornate box that glowed from the inside, “is The Essence of True Love.  I took it from you when you were rendered powerless and my daughter, Persephone, is in the Underworld and needs it.  She is with her husband for the next 6 months and left too quickly to take it with her.  If she does not have true love for her husband, her stay will be unbearable.  If you will take The Essence of True Love to my daughter in the Underworld, I will reinstate your Goddess Powers.” 

“But it will take weeks to get to the Underworld without my Goddess Powers!”  Aphrodite argued.  “How can I do that?” 

“Hey,” Demeter shrugged.  “You came to me, Babe.  Take it or leave it.” 

Aphrodite considered the offer.  “Fine.  I’ll do it.  Give me the box.” 

Demeter carefully handed her the precious box.  “Now remember,” she cautioned, “You hold The Essence of True Love in your hands.  If you aren’t careful, it could be lost to the world forever.” 

“I’ll be careful,” Aphrodite assured her.  

“Another warning,” Demeter said.  “You have one rule to follow as you travel and that is that you must not save the drowning man.” 

“Wha?” Aphrodite asked. 

“That’s all,” Demeter said, “Do not save the drowning man.  Now off with you.  Every moment you tarry, my daughter spends an unbearable moment with a man she does not love.” 

Aphrodite set about her task.  She traveled for many days, making her way to the Underworld.  On her way, she met a young human man named Galwarth who was on a similar task.  His job was to take a message to the Boatman of the River Styx.  They traveled together for quite some time and Aphrodite found herself warming to him.  Together, they laughed and talked and his presence made the trip much more enjoyable.  Just before they reached the River Styx, her traveling companion regretfully took his leave and promised to meet up with her later.  He had to take care of a side job before approaching The Boatman and embraced her warmly as he left.  Aphrodite took the night to rest and later the next day, reached the River Styx.  The Boatman took her across and she made her way through the Underworld to where she would find Persephone to deliver The Essence of True Love.  As she picked her way through the murky swamp, grimacing at the mud that lapped her feet, she was surprised to hear her name called.  As she squinted in the poor light, she was shocked to see Galwarth struggling in the depths of a tide pool in obvious distress.  He must have traveled while she slept and arrived before her!  She sat down The Essence of True Love and tried to make her way through the muck to get to him.  As she walked, the mud became deeper and more cloying.  She reached out as far as she could and still could not grasp his hand.  If she could just go a little deeper into the mud or reach out a little further to him, she could save him.  It seemed the further she reached, the further he sank into the tide pool and the more mired in the muck she bacame.  Suddenly, Demeter’s words rang in her head.  “Don’t save the drowning man!”  She pulled up suddenly and knew what she had to do.  Carefully, she made her way out of the muck. 

“What are you doing?”  Galwarth cried.  “You can do it, just a little further!” 

As she emerged from the mud, which was now covering her lower half, Aphrodite pushed the tears from her eyes with her muddied hands.  “I’m sorry,” she said. “You’ll have to save yourself.  I can’t do it for you.”  She walked back to where she had set down the box containing The Essence of True Love.  The glow that had been so vibrant before was barely visible, but it intensified as she picked it up again.  

With tears still in her eyes, she wished him well and walked on without looking back.  As she walked, the glow of The Essence of True Love became nearly blinding.  She found Persephone and presented her with her mother’s gift.  Persephone opened the box and The Essence of True Love flooded the Underworld, pouring over Persephone, her husband, Aphrodite and the rest of the world.  

She returned to Demeter and was given her Goddess Powers again and congratulated on a job well done.  She never knew what became of Galwarth. 

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Two Frogs

two-frog-on-wire_YNBUv_r (1)

A group of frogs were travelling through the woods. Two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.

The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, “Did you not hear us?” The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

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Bob and the Flood


Bob was quite a devout follower of his spiritual path and people frequently remarked on how much faith he always had that everything would turn out…and it always did.  People looked to Bob is a crisis and he was there, assuring them that God would provide.  He always did and Bob became something of a spiritual icon in the community.  

Then came the flood, and it was a doozie.  It rained in torrents and the water rose for days.  Families grabbed their prized possessions and went for higher ground with only the die hards remaining.   The Red Cross was called in to ensure the safe evacuation of the town.  As they went door to door with their high profile vehicles to escort people out of town, they came across Bob. 

“No,” he smiled.  “You go ahead.  God will save me.” 

They tried to persuade him to go with them, but he was steadfast, even as the water was soaking his carpets.  He assured him he’d be fine.  Everyone again admired Bob’s stalwart faith.  As the flood waters rose, Bob happily climbed to the top floor of his home and watched out the window as a few of his neighbors floated by in canoes and on hastily fashioned rafts, clinging to the few prized possessions they could salvage.  

“C’mon, Bob!” they called.  “Room for one more.  The waters are rising.” 

“No worries!” Bob smiled and waved.  “God will save me.  Best of luck to you!”  The waters continued to rise and Bob made his way to the roof.  “Closer even to heaven!” he thought.  A newsman in a helicopter could not believe that someone was actually on top of his house in the flood!  He had the pilot go in closer and drop the ladder. 

“Grab the ladder!” he called.  “We’ll hoist you up!”  

“It’s OK!” Bob called.  “I’ll be fine.  God will save me.  Get great footage!” 

The newsman tried to convince Bob that the water was raising rapidly, but Bob was steadfast in his fait.  The newsman got great footage of Bob drowning. 

When he got to heaven, Bob was utter confused and downtrodden.  “How could You DO this?” he asked God.  “How could You let this happen?  I had absolute faith in You and You let me die!” 

God was aghast.  “Bob,” He said.  “I sent you a four-by-four.  I sent you a boat and I even sent you a helicopter.  What more did you want?  How stupid are you?” 

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The Bird That Refused To Migrate


A little bird refused to join the pack which was flying south for the winter. It refused to listen to its’ parents and elders thinking it can tough it out. Winter came and it was so cold so the bird froze and fell to the ground covered with snow. A cow came by and dropped some dung on the bird. The pile of cow dung warmed the bird and brought it back to life. It lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing took the bird out of the pile of cow dung, and ate it.

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