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Bob and the Flood


Bob was quite a devout follower of his spiritual path and people frequently remarked on how much faith he always had that everything would turn out…and it always did.  People looked to Bob is a crisis and he was there, assuring them that God would provide.  He always did and Bob became something of a spiritual icon in the community.  

Then came the flood, and it was a doozie.  It rained in torrents and the water rose for days.  Families grabbed their prized possessions and went for higher ground with only the die hards remaining.   The Red Cross was called in to ensure the safe evacuation of the town.  As they went door to door with their high profile vehicles to escort people out of town, they came across Bob. 

“No,” he smiled.  “You go ahead.  God will save me.” 

They tried to persuade him to go with them, but he was steadfast, even as the water was soaking his carpets.  He assured him he’d be fine.  Everyone again admired Bob’s stalwart faith.  As the flood waters rose, Bob happily climbed to the top floor of his home and watched out the window as a few of his neighbors floated by in canoes and on hastily fashioned rafts, clinging to the few prized possessions they could salvage.  

“C’mon, Bob!” they called.  “Room for one more.  The waters are rising.” 

“No worries!” Bob smiled and waved.  “God will save me.  Best of luck to you!”  The waters continued to rise and Bob made his way to the roof.  “Closer even to heaven!” he thought.  A newsman in a helicopter could not believe that someone was actually on top of his house in the flood!  He had the pilot go in closer and drop the ladder. 

“Grab the ladder!” he called.  “We’ll hoist you up!”  

“It’s OK!” Bob called.  “I’ll be fine.  God will save me.  Get great footage!” 

The newsman tried to convince Bob that the water was raising rapidly, but Bob was steadfast in his fait.  The newsman got great footage of Bob drowning. 

When he got to heaven, Bob was utter confused and downtrodden.  “How could You DO this?” he asked God.  “How could You let this happen?  I had absolute faith in You and You let me die!” 

God was aghast.  “Bob,” He said.  “I sent you a four-by-four.  I sent you a boat and I even sent you a helicopter.  What more did you want?  How stupid are you?” 

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